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Thor Ragnarok Behind the Scenes Video Features New Loki Scene

Thor Ragnarok Behind the Scenes

Thor Ragnarok Behind the Scenes New on-set film from Thor: Ragnarok uncovers another experience between the God of Thunder and his sibling, Loki. Chris Hemsworth will be back in silver screens in under two months with his third go-round as the intense Asgardian. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a Thor film …

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Thor Ragnarok Writer Denied Credit by WGA, Cries Foul

Thor Ragnarok Writer Denied Credit by WGA

Thor Ragnarok Writer Denied Credit by WGA : THR unravels the rules that left Stephany Folsom without her name on the big-budget picture. Set to touch base at the household film industry on Nov. 3, Thor: Ragnarok guarantees a muscular duel between the main Norse god and previous partner The …

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Thor Ragnarok Reveals Fates of Sif & Warriors Three

Thor Ragnarok Reveals

Thor Ragnarok Reveals Woman Sif and the Warriors Three have been truant from the advertising for Thor: Ragnarok, however that doesn’t really mean the fan-most loved characters are long gone in the Marvel Studios continuation. Screen Rant reports that in spite of the fact that a visit to the film’s …

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The Stylish Thor Ragnarok IMAX Poster Arrives Online

Thor Ragnarok IMAX Poster

Thor Ragnarok IMAX Poster The snappy Thor Ragnarok IMAX blurb arrives on the web Following the landing of pre-deals on tickets for Thor: Ragnarok, IMAX has uncovered their official blurb for the film that fans will have the capacity to secure at taking an interest IMAX areas. Look at it …

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